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Reshaping Your Knowledge, Enriching Your Perspective

At Lock Home Inspections, we strive to unlock your potential as a home-buyer, identifying what obstacles may be standing in the way of a protected investment so that we can help to clear and overcome them. We inspect homes to an incredibly high standard, evaluating where the strengths and weaknesses lie, while analyzing how and why these findings should affect the home’s current valuation. This will go a long way in improving your standing ahead of final closing, giving you leverage as a prospective buyer by ensuring that you’re able to effectively renegotiate terms in order to satisfy your expectations and financial goals as a new homeowner.

First Time Home Buyers Home Inspections
Lock Home Inspections

Less Stress for All Involved


We’re committed to helping you understand the nature of repair and maintenance issues in a home’s construction without sounding the alarms—you can count on us to calmly and kindly walk you through what it will take to fix any existing issues that we’ve identified.


The knowledge we provide during a home inspection will help home-buyers, real estate agents, and sellers stay on the same page, facilitating a much easier negotiating process for all involved.

Re Inspections


Free re-inspections are available after repairs and improvements have been put into place, ensuring that trust is maintained throughout a real estate transaction—and allowing the buyer to invest with confidence!

Homegauge CRL Digital Home Inspections Report

Modern Inspection Reports With Pictures & Video

Within 24 hours of inspecting your soon-to-be home, we’ll deliver a thorough inspection report directly to your email. Our modern-style reports are highly organized, with videos and photographs of certain areas of the home included to help shed light on what we learned over the course of the inspection. The summary for each inspected component will be a breeze for you to understand, painting a clear picture of any deficiencies we discovered. We’ll also provide access to the cutting-edge Create Request List™ (CRL)™ feature by HomeGauge.

The Create Request List™ (CRL)™

  • As you’re clicking through your inspection report, you’ll be able to select defective items to include in a convenient digital project and repair request list
  • For each component that you add to the request list, you can choose to ask the seller to provide repair, replacement, or monetary reimbursement
  • You can work on your request list wherever you may be, using virtually any desktop or mobile device with an internet connection

Our Tools and Technology

Thermal Imaging
Drone Imaging

Lock Home Inspections utilizes several tools in order to attain more detailed information including thermal imaging and a drone. The drone flies above the property, collecting high-resolution images of the roof so that we can determine what condition it is in and if repairs are needed. The thermal imaging camera can pick up on areas of heat loss or excess heat, we can find issues in the home that would have otherwise been overlooked.

See What Our Clients Are Saying!

“I have worked with Mike for Quite some time and he is always on time, very knowledgeable , price competative and keeps up with the ever  changing codes within home maintenance and building. Home inspections are very streamlined using a great program that details out pictures and easy to understand language for clients, which is very important for the process.”


Happy Agent!

“Came out and inspected my families future home . Took time to show me each area, what was good, bad and unsafe and even suggestions on how to fix it. Sent me the reports same day and just made the entire experience easy.”


Happy Client!

“I am very pleased with Mike’s work and he was pleasent to work with. He made sure to cover any questions or concerns I had with the issues that were found during the inspection. He was very thorough and made me aware of what was found, and it’s importance to make certain it was addressed . He was especially careful to make sure it was safe to occupy the home which was of optimal importance to me. I would recommend Lock Home Inspections to any potential  buyer of a new home.”


Happy Client!

Serving Northeast Ohio

We’re excited to offer a full range of home inspection services to home-buyers, sellers, and real estate investors in areas of Northeast Ohio. This includes the city of Cleveland, as well as the surrounding municipalities in Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga, Ashtabula, Portage, Summit, Medina, Lorain, and Erie counties.

Pricing starts at just $350 for a general home inspection. Please consult our services page to see our full pricing and additional service descriptions.


At Lock Home Inspections, we offer a professional home inspection that will help to break down the barriers that lie between you and the home of your dreams, giving you the knowledge to invest on your terms. Contact us today to request an inspection.

For your convenience, we’re able to take weekend and evening appointments. We also accept online payments.